Dominica Citizenship by Investment Requirements 2023

We have taken the liberty to provide a fully updated list of Dominica Citizenship by Investment requirements for 2023, as well as a 2023 Compliance Guide to ensure a successful application.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment – Required Forms

This document is just what its name says; a disclosure form.

It requires you to disclose all information asked.

Therefore, if anything is unclear please let us know.

For example, question A17 at times poses difficulty. It asks for your ‘current address’. ‘Current address’ refers to the place where you are living at the time of applying.

However, this may be different from your fixed address, that is, the place you consider your real home (which is what question A18 is asking).

Many times, A17 and A 18 are the same, therefore you simply insert the same information.

Additionally, questions C73 and C74 may need clarification.

Our advice is to speak with your spouse and get the information. Do not leave this section blank.

If you are single or divorced, then C73 and C74 are ‘not applicable’. So, in this case, simply insert ‘Not Applicable’. Again, do not leave the section blank.

REMEMBER: The D1 does not have to be filled for children 0 to 15 years. However, it is required for everyone 16 years and older.

When getting fingers printed, only a government sanctioned authority can be used, and this must be done in the presence of a fingerprinting officer.

We are aware that some countries insist on their own ‘fingerprinting form’, and as a result will not do the fingerprints on the D2. There is no need to worry about this, as this is acceptable.

The photo glued to the form must not be older than 6 months.

Word of advice. All photos submitted must be the same.

This document is required for each person in an application…

…AND must be completed by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

SO, avoid having your document’s authenticity questioned by ensuring that Part C is fully completed.

Not only does this quicken your processing; it saves you the hassle of revisiting the doctor’s office.

Take note of the following:

  • Routine blood and urine test must be original and attached to questionnaire;
  • HIV test is not needed for children below the age of 12;
  • Immunization schedule must include diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis.

Only persons applying under the EDF for Dominica citizenship must complete this.

Only one copy by the Main Applicant is required.

Pay Attention to Part II where you are expected to transfer donation within 30 days of Approval.

Two (2) copies must be completed for each applicant in original.

Where a child is below 16 years of age, both parents or legal guardian(s) must sign on his/her behalf.

Each copy must be original and notarized.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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Dominica Citizenship by Investment – Required Documents

Investors who apply through Real Estate Option sign the Preferred Share Sale and Purchase Agreement, which serves the same purpose as Form D4 for applicants through Donation Option.

Upon successful application for Dominica citizenship through investment, each individual in an application must provide:

  • Eight (8) passport size photos
  • Photo must not be more than 6 months old
  • Must be 45mm in height x 38mm in width
  • Must show a close-up of applicant’s head and top of shoulders
  • Face (eyes) must look directly at camera
  • Ears must be visible and not covered with hair
  • No sleeveless shirts, blouses or tank tops
  • No boat neck blouses exposing shoulders
  • No printed, camouflage or military shirts
  • Photo background must be white
  • No white, cream, baby blue or light coloured shirt that blends into white background
  • Chest must be fully covered
  • Must not smile and expose teeth
  • “I certify that this is a true likeness of Mr., Miss or Mrs. ………… (name), followed by signature and stamp of the lawyer or notary
  • Only Muslims are allowed head covering in photos.

If you are currently a permanent resident in a different country to your citizenship then the National ID or Residence Card from this country will also be required as per Dominica citizenship 2023 stipulations.

The birth certificate must clearly state the date and place of birth, including the full names of each parent and if it is not in English it should be translated into English by certified translator.

These points are particularly important as the Certificates of Naturalization will be written as stated on the birth certificate, and in order for the passport to be issued all of these details must be present and match.

A birth certificate is needed for each applicant.

If the birth certificate provided is a photocopy of the original, it must ne notarized.

Driver’s licenses are required for both main applicant, spouse, and all dependants 16 years and over who own one.

Driver’s licenses must be provided in coloured copy, notarized, and valid.

Not owning a driver’s license will not affect your application.

Persons who have served or are currently serving in the military and are applying for Dominica passport by investment are required to submit supporting documents evidencing this or military discharge papers where applicable.

As with other documents, copies of any Military Service document must be notarized, submitted in colour, and translated into English if in a foreign language.

Marriage and divorce certificates are required where applicable.

Take note that date and place of marriage or divorce must be clearly stated, and it is absolutely imperative that your name spelling coincides with the exact same spelling as your other documents.

And again, certificate copies must be translated if not in English, and notarized.

These come by different names: - police record, police clearance certificate, good conduct certificate.

It is required for every applicant who is 16 years and older.

This includes country of birth, country of citizenship, and country of current residence and also shall be submitted for every country in which the applicant has legally resided for 6 months or more for past 10 years.

Police records must be provided for country of birth, country of citizenship, and country of current residence and also shall be submitted for every country in which the applicant has legally resided for 6 months or more for past 10 years.

Where a child in an application is 12 to 15 years old, a Sworn Affidavit stating that the child has no police record must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian of that child.

Only original copies of Police Records or Clearance Certificates are acceptable.

Police records are a very important requirement for Dominica citizenship through investment application. However, if for compelling reasons you are not able to obtain police clearance certificate, we will advise you on the steps to be taken.

This simply refers to a professional Curriculum Vitae or Resume with which most people are familiar.

If you are self-employed, then a similar resume detailing your business/professional background should be provided.

Resumes are required for both main applicant and spouse in original copy with original signature of applicant.

The requirements for proof of address when applying for Dominica citizenship 2023 are straightforward.

For this, you must provide the original copy of a utility bill such as an electricity, gas or water bill.

Lease agreements, as well as original copy of your bank or credit card statements, or insurance premium payments or receipts are acceptable also.

Notarized copy of your University Degree Certificate(s) or College diploma is required.

Applicants with technical or vocational training are also expected to submit and certificate that they may possess with respect to their field of work or otherwise professionally.

If you did not attend College or University, then you provide a certificate showing your highest level of education or training.

All document copies must be notarized and duly translated if not in English.

Letters of Enrolment are no longer required for dependent children aged 18-30. However, dependants who are currently enrolled at an institution of higher learning must provide an official transcript.

The document must be the original copy, must be signed and sealed accordingly, and issued with the institution’s letter head.

This must be submitted by the main applicant and his/her spouse applying for Dominica citizenship through investment.

Where a spouse is unemployed and is supported by the other, relevant documentation stating this must be provided.

Letters of Employment must be provided by employers of individuals who are applying for Dominica passport by investment.

Self-employed applicants are required to submit financial statements.

This is a notarised statement of source of funds, signed by you.

These you must obtain from your bank.

Bank statements must cover a full calendar year, that is, 12 months, up to the month of applying.

To help us to ensure that is your application is successful

  • Fully complete all forms;
  • Answer all questions correctly;
  • Confirm any doubts that you may have before preparing forms and answering questions;
  • Do ensure that two (2) copies of documents are completed where asked;
  • Do review your forms after completing them;
  • Do seek help on family information that you may not know;
  • Do not make any false statements;
  • Do not conceal any material facts;
  • Do not omit any question on any of the Dominica passport and application forms for Dominica citizenship through investment.

The Citizenship by Investment Program is founded on various sections of the Constitution of Dominica and the Dominica Citizenship Act. As such, meeting the foregoing requirements are essential for both compliance and legal purposes.

Please seek our advice on any matter whatsoever that you are uncertain about.
Remember we are here to help you on every step and to make sure that your application is successful!

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