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Dominica Citizenship by Investment in 2023

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is a program whereby individuals make an investment in Dominica either through a Government approved real estate project or a donation to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund and in so doing qualify to apply to become naturalized as citizens of Dominica. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was established by an Act of Parliament, the provisions of which are set in regulations published pursuant to Sections 8 and 20(1) of the Dominica Citizenship Act, including Section 101 of the Constitution.

Dominica citizenship is acquired by birth, descent, marriage, naturalization and through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

Citizenship of Dominica by birth is automatically conferred to any individual who is born in Dominica on the basis of jus soli or “right of the soil”., irrespective of the nationality of his/her parents.

In order to become a citizen of Dominica by descent, a child is required to born of parents who were either born or naturalised as citizens of Dominica. Additionally, a child who is born outside of Dominica of one or more parent who are Dominican citizens can be registered as a citizen of Dominica.

While Dominica citizenship is not automatically acquired through marriage by a foreign national to a citizen of Dominica, Dominica citizenship can be obtained by the spouse of foreign nationality by residing in Dominica continuously for a minimum of 3 years.

A person who legally resides in Dominica for more than 5 years can apply to be naturalized as Dominican.

Last but not least, under the Citizenship by Investment Program, foreign nationals qualify to apply for Dominican citizenship by either investing in a Government Approved Real Estate Project such as the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa or by making a Donation to the Government Economic Diversification Fund (EDF).

In order to obtain a passport of Dominica, an individual must first be a citizen of Dominica. Anyone who is a citizen by birth automatically qualifies to apply for a Dominica passport, whereas foreign nationals who are Dominica citizens by descent or who are married to Dominican citizens and have met the 3 year continuous residency requirement are first required to be duly registered as citizens of Dominica. Meanwhile, applicants under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program must be duly naturalised as citizens of Dominica in order to apply for a Dominica passport.

In order to obtain a Dominica passport, applicants must provide:

  • application forms completed as instructed
  • original and copy of birth certificate (original or notarised copy in case of naturalised citizens of the Citizenship by Investment Program)
  • original and copy of Certificate of Naturalisation or Certificate of Registration (where applicable)
  • two (2) recent passport size photos
  • proof of payment of applicable Government Treasury fees

Yes. Initially, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was known as the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program. Under the Dominica Economic Citizenship by Investment Program, applicants only had the option of donating to the Government’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). However, in 2015 Dominica introduced Real Estate projects into which applicants are able to invest, besides the donation option. When this was introduced, the name Economic Citizenship Program was changed to Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

Our company has been a reliable, licensed Government Agent since 1997. We have successfully processed a significant number of Dominica passport by investment applications during that time, and have established an excellent work relationship with local authorities in Dominica as well as built a wide network with business clients and professionals internationally.

“CBIU” refers to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. The CBIU was established by an Act of Parliament in 2015 under the Statutory Rules and Orders No. 37 of 2014.

No. All citizenship through investment applications must be sent through an Authorized Agent who will in turn submit the application to the Government. Applications can only be submitted and will only be accepted by the Government in this manner.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program began in 1993 and has evolved into an efficient, regulated and safe means to second citizenship. It was ranked Number One for the years 2017 and 2018 out of 13 countries by the CBI Index of the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management Magazine. Likewise, the Russian Citizen Awards awarded Dominica the Best Caribbean Citizenship Program in 2016.

No. The application process is 100% via distance. Dominica citizenship applicants are welcome to visit the offices of their agents as well as Dominica during this, but are under no obligation to do so. All Dominica citizenship and Dominica passport documents and correspondence are dealt with by the Agent directly with the relevant authorities.

Most certainly. You can visit Dominica while applying for your Dominica passport by investment application is being processed. However, you are under no obligation to travel to Dominica for the purpose of your citizenship application. If you wish to come and see the island, then you are welcome to do so. We are sure that you will have a pleasant stay.

If interested in partnering with us as an Overseas Agent, we will be happy to enter into an arrangement with you for Dominica passport by investment applications. As a simple due diligence routine, we would require your personal and company (if any) details in order to satisfy our internal due diligence procedure.

Real Estate Option – Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa

The Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is an eco resort that is being developed and constructed as a Government Approved Real Estate project under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

Anyone who invests in this Resort qualifies to apply for Dominica Citizenship under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, and will be able to resell their investment in 5 years, plus receive dividends during their shareholding period and enjoy very attractive free accommodation benefits.

Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is offering one Preferred Share at US$200,000, with a return on investment estimated at 3% annually that will be paid out as dividends, during 4th and 5th years of share holding period.

Also, investors may resell their Preferred Share after 5 years to the next investor and get a return of their investment, while the next investor qualifies to apply for citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program. Investors who resell their Preferred Share also retain their Dominica citizenship.

Additionally, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is offering several incentives to investors. These are 7 or 14 days’ free accommodation and use of facilities for investor and one (1) companion during the peak and low seasons respectively, as well as 25% discount on current rates for additional accommodation for family members and stays extended beyond free accommodation period.

To invest in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa, you must first contact us. We will provide you with the Preferred Share Sale and Purchase Agreement for signing. Following this, you will be required to transfer 5% (or US$10,000) of the total investment amount (US$200,000), in addition to applicable Government processing and due diligence fees.

We will then guide you through the document collection phase, and we will submit your application to the Government on your behalf.

Upon receipt of your approval, which will be confirmed through a Letter of Approval issued by the Government, then you will transfer the remaining 90% (or US$190,000) of the investment amount, along with applicable Government and Certificate of Naturalization fees.

Once this has been successfully done, we will receive your Certificate(s) of Naturalization and submit your passport application accordingly. Your passport along with Certificate of Naturalisation will be couriered to the address specified by you.

Besides your US$200,000 investment, and corresponding government fees that are directly associated with the application process, you will not be required to pay any income tax, capital gains tax or withholding tax on dividends or on resale of your investment which are waived for a 10 year period.

Also, the Developer does not charge any additional legal, share transfer or registration fees, maintenance or any similar fees; period.

Citizenship by Investment Options and Fees in 2023

No. To qualify to apply for the Dominica citizenship program 2023, applicants are only able to donate to the Government Diversification Funds or invest in a Government approved CBI real estate project. The investments into real estate projects and the amount of investment required per project are approved by the Government.

The main difference between real estate and Government donation (Economic Diversification Fund) option is that by choosing real estate option you can expect return of your investment plus dividends. In case of choosing donation options you cannot expect any returns on your investment or of your investment. Please use our Citizenship Cost Calculator.

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) is a monetary contribution or donation made to a fund managed by the Government to develop roads, bridges, schools and health services. Usually, the EDF is simply referred to as a contribution or donation to the government under the citizenship by investment program.

Real estate option refers to one of the development projects which has been approved by the Government under CBI Program as an investment option for the investors and their families applying for Dominican citizenship via citizenship by investment.

“Approved Project” refers to a real estate project that has been approved by the Cabinet of the Government of Dominica and is thereby eligible to receive funding for its construction and development from the citizenship by investment program and investors in such projects are eligible to apply to be naturalised as citizens of Dominica.

The real estate investment creates funding for an Approved Project such as the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa. Because this is an investment, in addition to Dominica citizenship, applicants receive a Preferred Share in the Resort in return for their investment and will be paid dividends once the resort begins to operate. Also, the Preferred Share may be resold by the investor (who will retain his Dominica citizenship) after 5 year mandatory holding period to a new investor who will also qualify to apply for Dominica citizenship under the program.

On the other hand, EDF is a contribution or donation towards a fund which is managed by the Government for the development of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), housing, the construction and maintenance of schools, public utilities and infrastructure. Since this is a donation and not an investment, applicants who choose this option cannot receive his investment back through resale or any returns on investment such as dividends.

Approval of a Dominica citizenship application depends on whether all documents and due diligence requirements are satisfied. No investment option is more beneficial than the other in terms of successfully applying for Dominica citizenship.

For Single Applicants we recommend the Donation Option, and for Family Applicants we recommend the Real Estate Option.

Upon careful analysis of all Government approved real estate projects, we have chosen and can confidently recommend investment into the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa as the most attractive development project for investing to obtain your Dominica citizenship. For your investment of US$200,000 you will receive a Preferred Share in the Resort, and are able to resell that Preferred Share after 5 years (simultaneously retaining your Dominica citizenship) and as a result get a return of your investment. Plus, you will be entitled to receive dividends for two (2) years during five (5) years of mandatory share holding period. Moreover, the investor who purchases your Preferred Share also qualifies to apply for Dominica citizenship under the Dominica CBI program. Investors in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa will also enjoy discounted rates and 7 or 14 free accommodation and use of the Resort’s facilities during peak season and low season, respectively.

However, irrespective of our recommendations, if you choose to apply as a Single Investor through real estate option, or as an investor with your family through the Donation Option, we will gladly help you to obtain your Dominica citizenship by investment. Please use our Citizenship Cost Calculator.

Certainly. Once you have been approved for Dominican citizenship, you are able to purchase property in Dominica at any time. As a Dominica citizen you will additionally benefit from the exemption of Alien Landholding License (10% from the value of the property).

Yes, but only Government fees, because the real estate option that we have chosen for you does not charge any other fees. The Government fees comprises due diligence, processing, and fees based on your family’s composition. Please use our Citizenship Cost Calculator.

Yes, the Government will charge additional fees for due diligence and processing depending on your family’s composition. Please use our Citizenship Cost Calculator.

Due diligence, government processing and our agent fees must be transferred before the application for second citizenship is submitted to the CBIU. We charge our legal and agent fees of US$5,000 only if you apply through the Donation Option. If you apply through the Real Estate Option, our agent fees will be paid by the Developer.

If investing in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa, you are required to Sign the Preferred Share Sale and Purchase Agreement and transfer 5% (US$10,000) of the total investment amount of US$200,000 as an initial deposit for Share Reservation. You're your Dominica citizenship approval you will be instructed to transfer the remaining 90% of this investment.

If you choose the Donation Option, then you are required to transfer your donation also after your Dominica citizenship application is approved.

Dominican passport by investment can be obtained in two to three months, which is the standard time for processing an application. That is the fastest time from all available Citizenship by Investment options on the market. The usual time to obtain passport is 2 o 3 weeks after you have been naturalised as a citizen of Dominica. However, Government offers option to obtain passport within 24 hours for an additional USD1,100.

Upon approval of application for citizenship, a Letter of Approval (referred to as a Comfort Letter) will be issued and stamped by the Government CBIU. It will confirm approval of the application, as well as the amount to be transferred.

Dominica citizenship program forms can only be obtained from licensed agents and cannot be downloaded online.

Dominica Citizenship through Investment – Due Diligence

No. This is compulsory and every applicant of the Dominica citizenship program undergoes a background check.

Having lived, ongoing residence or working in more than one country does not affect one’s ability to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment. However, if you have legally resided for longer than 6 months in any country besides country of your current citizenship during the last 5 years, then you will be required to provide additional documents from the countries where you were a permanent resident during the last 5 years. We will advise you how and where to obtain these documents and how to certify them.

Yes. As a licensed agent, we are legally bound to keep the information of each applicant confidential. Likewise, the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) does not share the information of applicants with third parties, except where such information must be provided to the private due diligence agencies for the purpose of carrying out background checks and ensuring that the documents submitted are authentic and the information they contain is accurate. Neither does the Government of Dominica nor our company make it public or inform your current country of citizenship during the application process and after you have received Dominica citizenship through investment.

Yes. A police record or clearance certificate must be submitted for every citizenship by investment application as formal evidence that an applicant in fact does not have a criminal record.

No. Police Clearance Certificates are required for applicants who are 16 years and above. In the case of children 12-15 years of age, a parent is required to prepare and sign an Affidavit of No Criminal Record stating that the child does not have a criminal record when applying for Dominica passport for investment.

No. The Dominica passport by investment program does not permit any change of date and place of birth.

Yes, effective July 17, 2023, interviews are now compulsory. They will be conducted by a Due Diligence company in your native language remotely. There is no need to travel. Additional costs are applicable.

Dominica Citizens – Oath of Allegiance

No. Oaths of Allegiance are signed by applicants 17 years and above. Both parents are required to sign Oaths on behalf of children who are 16 years and below. Certificates of Naturalization will not be issued without receipt of the Oaths of Allegiance by the Government.

Yes. Taking oath by signing the Oath of Allegiance is a vital part of the citizenship process, which is done after an application for Dominica citizenship by investment has been approved. By taking oath, the country is certain that it is granting its citizenship to someone who has sworn allegiance, fidelity and loyalty to the country.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment – Language Requirements

There are no language requirements to qualify for Dominica citizenship through investment.

No. All application forms are written in English and are to be answered in English. Any application requirement document which is not in the English language must be translated and certified. This include medical, birth, police records, etc. We will help you with translations and certifications if necessary.

No. Application documents for Dominica citizenship program must be translated by a certified translator or translation company.

Dominica Citizenship – Dependants

Yes, you will be able to include your or your spouse’s parent(s) in your citizenship by investment application provided that your parents are 55 years or older.

Dependants include:

  • a spouse of the main applicant for Dominica citizenship;
  • a child under 31 years old;
  • parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his or her spouse above the age of 55 years;
  • biological or legally adopted siblings (up to 25 years old) of the main applicants and/or spouse who are single, childless, and are substansially supported by the main applicant and/or spouse. However, siblings are placed under separate price category from children and parents.

If you are not legally married, each partner will be required to submit his/her own application as a Single Applicant for Dominica citizenship.

Unfortunately, Dominica does not have any legislation for civil partnerships. Therefore, each partner will be expected to apply separately as a Single Applicant for Dominican citizenship.

In case your children are born after you were naturalised as a citizens of Dominica, your children are entitled to be registered as Dominica citizens as well. However, if you receive citizenship as a single applicant and want to add your children born before you were naturalised as a citizen of Dominica, then you can still sponsor their application for citizenship but additional fees will apply. We will be ready to assist you in such situations.

In the case of a new husband or wife he or she would be required to apply as a Single Applicant. You will be allowed to be his or her sponsor. All relevant proof of source of funding will be required.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment – Dual/Multiple Citizenship

No. Dominica citizenship is granted regardless of applicant having another citizenship. Applicants are not under any obligation to renounce their citizenship(s) before or after obtaining Dominican citizenship.

Yes. Renouncing a citizenship other than Dominica citizenship is a personal decision. You are not and will not be under any obligation to take this action. The provisions for renouncing citizenship are contained in Section 15 of the Dominica Citizenship Act.

Lost Dominica Passport or Naturalization Certificate

If a passport is lost, destroyed or stolen, a new passport will be issued. An application for new passport can be submitted through our office. The standard application timeframe is 14 days. However, we will try to facilitate you and try to obtain the new passport within a shorter period of time. All requirements for doing this will be provided.

To renew passports, the following documents are required: passport application forms in original (2 copies), original of the previous passport, certified passport pictures (2), certified naturalization certificate and birth certificate (with translation if applicable), power of attorney issued in our name to pick up passport on your behalf; marriage certificate required for married women. No visit to Dominica will be required. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. It is very important to make sure that your Certificate of Naturalization is secured. However, in the unfortunate event of loss or theft we will work closely with the CBIU on your behalf.

No. We ourselves will submit new Dominica passport application along with requirements without any need for you to travel. All correspondence will be done by email and courier post to facilitate the process.

Dominican passports are valid for 10 years for adults, and 5 years for children under the age of 16.

The date of issue and date of expiry are stated in every Dominican passport. It is your responsibility to keep this information in mind and to get in contact with your licensed agent in Dominica within a reasonable time before the expiry date. Likewise, parents are responsible for ensuring that the passports of their children who are citizens of are submitted for renewal on time.

Travel and Business Activity After Naturalization as Dominica Citizen

Yes. Anyone with Dominica citizenship requires a US visa to enter the United States. For Dominicans residing in the West Indies, US visa applications are processed in Barbados, which will require traveling to that country to be interviewed. For Dominican citizens residing in other parts of the world, such visa applications must be submitted to their applicable regional US Embassy. US B1/B2 visas are generally granted for 10 years.

Yes. Citizens of Dominica can live and do business anywhere in the OECS or Caribbean.

OECS refers to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Member states include the countries of Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis.

Dominica passport holders can choose to permanently or temporarily reside in any of the OECS countries and can work or do business without requiring any permits.

CARICOM is the shortened form for Caribbean Community. The Caribbean Community is the name given to the island grouping of the West Indies. Essentially, it is an organisation comprising 15 Caribbean countries whose main goal is to promote economic cooperation and integration among member states through similar economic policies, a single market and foreign policy. With Dominica as a member of CARICOM, persons with Dominica citizenship enjoy free movement, and ability to do business in any CARICOM member country.

Traveling to Dominica

Currently there are no direct flights from Europe to Dominica. However, connecting flights can be taken from neighbouring islands to Dominica.

From the Middle East, you can travel to the France or Amsterdam. From Europe to the United States, it is possible to travel directly to Antigua or St. Lucia or Barbados and from anyone of these to travel to Dominica directly. From France, Air France or KLM can be used to go directly to Guadeloupe, Martinique or St. Martin and from there fly directly to Dominica via Air Antilles, Air Caraibes or Air Corsaire. Do feel free to visit after successfully applying for Dominica citizenship by investment.

From the United States, you can travel to Puerto Rico, Barbados or Antigua or St. Martin and then directly to Dominica. People with Dominica citizenship require a visa to enter the United States.

From France via Air France or KLM, it is possible to travel to Martinique or Guadeloupe which are only about 10 to 15 minutes to Dominica by air. Alternatively, the daily Ferry service can be taken to Dominica. With your Dominica citizenship, no visa is required for any of these countries.

From the United Kingdom to Dominica, it is possible to travel directly to Antigua, St. Lucia or Barbados via British Airways and from any of these islands directly to Dominica. The flight in each instance to Dominica is about 40 to 45 minutes maximum. Same day flights into Dominica are possible.

Dominica has two airports. The Douglas-Charles (Melville Hall) Airport allows for larger airplanes, while the smaller Canefield Airport facilitates landing for small aircraft.

Most nationals do not require a visa to Dominica, with few exceptions. Dominican citizens are obviously not required to have an entry or exit visa to Dominica.

About Dominica

Dominica has a democratic Government which is elected once every five years. The three branches of Government include the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, based on the British model.

Yes. Being able to vote is the constitutional right of every citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica. If living outside the country permanently, a Dominica passport holder, i.e. a citizen, must be in Dominica for at least three (3) months prior to the general elections in order to vote.

Yes. To run as a candidate for Parliament an eligible person with Dominica citizenship is required to be resident in Dominica for a stipulated amount of time prior to the general elections. Anyone who is interested in running as a candidate in the general elections may either do so by joining a political party (or forming one) or by running as an independent candidate.

Religions in Dominica include Catholicism, Protestantism, Methodist, Anglican, and Muslim.

Dominica has about 12 public holidays. These are New Year’s Day (January 1st); Carnival Day (2 days – February or March); Good Friday, Easter Monday; Labour Day; Whit Monday, Emancipation Day (1st Monday in August); Independence Day (November 3rd); National Day of Community Service (November 4th); Christmas Day (December 25th); Boxing Day (December 26th). You are invited to visit Dominica while applying for Dominica passport by investment or after having received your Dominica passport.

The minimum wage in Dominica was increased in June 2008 and varies depending on the category of worker. The lowest minim wage is currently an hourly rate of about US$1.33 and the maximum is set at about US$2.03 an hour.

The standard workweek from Monday to Friday for persons with Dominica citizenship as well as of foreign nationality is 40 hours for five days a week. Overtime pay for work in excess of the standard workweek is provided for by law.

Yes. Dominica has a Social Security scheme towards which all gainfully employed citizens of Dominica and all other persons working on island are required to make contributions. Please contact us for information on social security during or after applying for Dominica citizenship by investment.

If applying under the Dominica citizenship by investment program please contact us for more information. Currently social security rates are: Employee: 5.5% of wage to maximum of EC$270 (about US$100 per month); Employer: 7% of the wage to maximum of EC$420 (about US$155 per month).

Vacation leave entitlement: less than 5 years’ service – at least 2 weeks annually; five or more years’ service – at least 3 weeks annually. If you have already applied for your Dominica passport by investment, please ask any questions that you may have concerning this.

Yes, Dominica has a developed business environment comprising insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, professional accounting, legal and consultancy firms, medical offices, supermarkets, stores, hotels, restaurants, as well as brokerage, shipping, engineering and other businesses. Applicants under Dominica citizenship program with an interest in doing business in Dominica may contact us.

Dominica offers a wide range of investment opportunities to foreigners and citizens of Dominica alike. Investment opportunities are available in manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, health and wellness, accommodation, ICT, medicine, mining, pharmaceuticals, water, and Business Process Outsourcing, among others. Without a doubt, Dominica stands to benefit from the wide range of skills and expertise of holders of Dominica citizenship through Dominica citizenship by investment. Expressions of interest are therefore welcome.

Dominica’s population consists of the Kalinago (Carib) indigenous Indians, African descent, Syrian, Lebanese, Chinese, European and Latino. With the Dominica citizenship by investment program the country’s ethnic diversity is expected to increase.

Yes, there is a relatively small but increasing Muslim population in Dominica.

Yes. Dominica is a very stable country both politically and religiously. Dominicans are peaceful people and live alongside each other in close knit communities regardless their different political and religious views.

Dominica has a tropical climate which makes the island mostly hot and humid during the year. There are two seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season which run from January to mid-April and from June to mid-November respectively. Mid November to early January are usually cool with relatively low temperatures, described as a transitional period.

Dominica has a population of 72,000 people. With the ongoing Dominica passport by investment program this figure is expected to increase over the years.

Dominica is about 289.5 square miles. That is, 750 square kilometres.

No. Dominica and the Dominica Republic are completely different countries. Dominica is formally the Commonwealth of Dominica, whereas the Republic of Dominica is Spanish speaking and shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

Dominica has a well-developed education system, comprising kindergarten and preschools, primary schools, high schools, a state college and various private medical schools. Education is modelled on that of the British system, which enables people with Dominica citizenship to sit the Cambridge Advanced Level example, GCE, Caribbean Certificate Examinations (CXC). The Dominica State College offers Bachelor and Associate Degree courses. Credits are transferable to select international institutions.

Dominica does not have a national health insurance program, however the Government has implemented a pilot program.

The GDP per capita of Dominica is US$11,000 (2018).

The gross domestic product of Dominica is US$447.38M.

The Prime Minister of Dominica is The Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit.

General elections in Dominica are held once every 5 years. General elections are constitutionally due in 2027.

Dominica’s legal system is based on English Common Law.

Dominica has a Prime Minister and a President. The Prime Minister is head of the government (the executive) whereas the President is head of the state. The President has a mostly ceremonial function.

Agriculture, manufacturing, construction, hotels and restaurants, fishing, real estate, renting and business activity, water and electricity, wholesale and retail trade, mining and quarrying, financial, among others.

Dominica’s time zone is UTC -4. Dominica does not observe Daylight Savings.

Under the Fiscal Incentives Act manufacturing, assembling, agro processing and approved businesses of Dominica passport holders can apply for a fifteen-year tax break from import duties on spare parts, building and packaging materials, machinery, equipment and other materials. Similarly, hotels may benefit from applicable fiscal incentives from The Hotels Aid Act. Individuals with Dominica citizenship are eligible to benefit from these incentives.

The corporate tax rate for companies operating in Dominica is 25%.